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Wash Dry Store Target Cities (USA)

New York City, New York
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
Houston, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
San Antonio, Texas
San Diego, California
Dallas, Texas
San Jose, California
Austin, Texas
Jacksonville, Florida
Fort Worth, Texas
Columbus, Ohio
Charlotte, North Carolina
San Francisco, California
Indianapolis, Indiana
Seattle, Washington
Denver, Colorado
Washington, D.C.
Boston, Massachusetts
El Paso, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee
Detroit, Michigan
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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About Wash Dry Store Concept:

The Wash Dry Store concept is built around a proven concept in European cities.  We are bringing the concept driven by the technology and methodology behind the success of laundry as a service (LAAS) to the United States.

In 2024, the revenue in the Laundry Care market in the United States is projected to reach a substantial amount of US$15.80bn.



+44 7873 565850 (UK)

+1 310 692 4080 (USA)

Wash Dry Store USA Official Logo